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Media Adventures Presents: Soul'd

This is our first submission as Fun & Games Productions alone at the 48 Hour Film Project in Des Moines. It was created in 2014.

Required Elements:

Genre: Horror
Character: Alex or Alexis Simpson, Real Estate Agent
Line: "That's Liquid Gold."
Prop: A Backpack

Our Adventure

We ventured to Des Moines to make a movie in 48 Hours. Not having much of a connection to the city we were a bit concerned about finding locations and making a movie happen, but when we drew horror from the hat we knew everything would be just fine. Finding new and inventive ways to do people in is the lifeblood of our podcast work on The Watson Files and this, though a different sort of murder and mayhem, turned out to be an excellent experience.
After the kickoff event we decided that we should eat something useful and so, and because, you know, horror, we tried to go to Zombie Burger. That didn’t work out so we made our way to The Cheesecake Factory and tucked in whilst attempting to conjure the perfect blend of fear and evil that would make our movie great.

One of our executive producers loves to talk about us to anyone that will listen and the chipper young lady who took us to our table was no exception. As soon as she mentioned that she was in school for theatrical things he was quickly chatting about what we’d come to town to do and, in short order, we had recruited the girl to join us for filming the next day (What luck! She was fantastic and died like a hero, but only after she checked us out online to make sure we weren’t, you know, actually going to kill her!)

We went back to our hotel and hammered out our script and by midnight had created a good foundation for our upcoming day of filming.
The next day we had our traditional breakfast at Max’s Diner in Altoona, got our props scooped up from Wal-Mart and headed off to the somewhat distant home of our director’s sister. The Doud family was great. They didn’t really know what they were getting themselves into, but they let us take over their house, get blood everywhere and generally be bother for longer than we had planned. Thanks very much to them for making our film possible!

When we wrapped up filming we tried for Zombie Burger again (man that place is always packed), but ended up at Americana enjoying some really great cuisine and then retired back to the hotel room to finish editing (having done a great deal whilst filming which was a lifesaving decision). I stayed up late into the night going through the clips and selecting the best angles and sound to tell our tale and by morning I’d cut together the film. Still there was music and sound effects to be added, but it was time to check out of the hotel. This is where the real trouble began.

We needed Wi-Fi to gather the necessary sounds and music files, but it was broken at the hotel the night before and Max’s Diner (which got us back for lunch and became The Official Food Source of Fun & Games Productions for the weekend) wasn’t swimming in Wi-Fi and the coffee shop that we tried downtown, though purveyors of perfect caramel lattes, couldn’t manage to keep us connected either. Finally we discovered a Barnes and Noble with a stable connection and were able to get the necessary files, put everything together and render the film. There was a brief moment where the software thought that it would need 2 hours (starting at 4:45) to render the film that caused some dismay, but it pulled it together and we were able, after a couple of disk burning mishaps, to get our film onto its proper media sources and deliver it to the Fleur at 7:06 PM.

What a rush! Now, freshly out of energy we returned to our native Cedar Rapids and, managing not to damage ourselves on the drive home, we slept and everything was good.

We’d like to say thank you to our team for being there when we needed you, The Doud Family one more time for giving us a location and to the folks who worked relentlessly at The Des Moines 48 Hour Film Project to bring the event together.