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Jump Start

Jump Start is our exciting web series that follows a series of events that begin with a strange series of events in a hospital. Installments to this series are still in production and can be found here as they are released. Please check back often!

Episode One: The Beginning

Dr. Jessica Rose begins her day like most of the rest. Sadly, before it's over, she finds herself quite dead.

Episode Two: The Awakening

A lost life cannot be restored. Or can it? Something or someone brought Doctor Jessica Rose back from the dead after her unforeseen murder. Pursued by the sinister Doctor Pervarious, Jessica fled the hospital morgue in terror. Frightened she unleased a torrent of electrical energy on a vagrant and, in so doing, discovered that she was gifted with more than just another chance—she was given new abilities. In Episode II of Jump Start, Doctor Rose must decide how to deal with her new situation, how to cope with her accidental murder of the vagrant and managing her special talents to avoid further destruction. All of this while continuing to avoid Doctor Pervarious whom is single-mindedly interested in getting her back on his slab.