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inspiration Point

Inspiration Point started as a script for a radio drama which was produced by Strobie Studios starring Michael Helgens, Greg Kilberger and Steve Rimpici. You can listen below to the original recordings.

Written by Michael Helgens Featuring the talented voices of Greg Kilberger, Michael Helgens, Steve Rimpici, and Kasey Strosahl

The script for Inspiration Point was rewritten (by Michael Helgens and Kevin Brubaker into a play). Copies of the script can be purchased by clicking here. Production rights are available. Please click the Contact Us! link to inquire.

We have plans to turn Inspiration Point into a feature length film. If you are interested in helping with the project please also take a moment to Contact Us!

Part One: Call Me Nemo

Nemo, a man interested in helping others, meets with his new psychiatrist for the first time to discuss his particular point of view.

Episode Two: Harriet Tubbs

Nemo continues his talks with his doctor and shares the story of his first victim.

Part Three: Making a Trade

Nemo tells the stories of some of his favorite victims and Raphael becomes more desperate.

Part Four: Nemo's Virtue

The story comes to it's conclusion and Nemo quests for freedom of his own.